Fans & Blowers


BySprint Fiber 3015

At FB Laser our BySprint Fiber 3015 machine produces the highest productivity for competitive fiber laser cutting.

Key Features
High degree of material utilisation
Wide spectrum of applications for steel and non-ferrous metals.
Stainless steel is cut with high precision up to a material thickness of 30mm
Fiber laser technology reduces operating costs.
Automated process solutions (optional) for fast loading and unloading
Sheet metal handling
Technical Details
Nominal sheet size: 3000 × 1500 mm
Maximum simultaneous positioning speed: 140 m/min
ByVision Touchscreen operation and manual control unit: Yes


Xpert 150/3100
At FB Laser our Xpert 150/3100 machine offers bending technology for the highest demands on process speed and flexibility.

Key Features
Worldwide, the most extensive database
The only machine that doesn’t produce angle errors.
It offers the highest repetition accuracy on the market
First class bending results thanks to pressure reference technology
Fully automatic and dynamic crowning
Perfect bending results
Fully comprehensive CAD/CAM

Technical Details
Tonnage: 60–1000t
Bending length: 2050–10 200 mm
Open height: 500–650 mm
Standard stroke: 215–365 mm
Max. high speed: 220 mm/s
Max. working speed: 20 mm/s