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Laser Cutting Services


FB Laser provides only the highest-quality products to clients. With our technical knowledge, vast experience of legislation and industry standards and our continuous development processes, we ensure the buying process is as smooth as possible for customers.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is the process of using a laser to produce precise and sharp cuts through a range of different metal types. At FB Laser, our highly reliable and cost-effective laser-cutting machines ensure an excellent quality finish every time. Depending on the thickness our powerful laser cutting machines are able to cut to tolerances of +/- 0.1mm. They can also cut holes starting from the same diameter as the thickness of the material. With these lasers we are able to cut:

  •  Stainless steel
  •  Mild steels
  •  Titanium
  •  Aluminium
  •  Copper
  •  Brass

Laser cutting is an increasingly popular method due to its ability to precisely and impressively cut through sheet metals and other materials. FB Laser offers laser-cutting services to a wide variety of industries throughout the UK.


Service Commitment

  • Detailed Quotations, showing illustration
  • Etched part numbers for clear identification,
  • Guaranteed order to delivery lead time. 
  • Safe & effective packaging to protect goods in transit


Metal Folding

Metal folding is a complex process that involves the shaping and forming of metals to suit your requirements, in order to be constructed. This process is constantly evolving and requires a range of different skills and techniques in which FB Laser has a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Our metal folding equipment allows us to fold metal in a variety of shapes, sizes, and quantities. Combining both our state of the art laser cutting machines and our metal folding capabilities we are able to create custom made parts quickly, efficiently and accurately.

For more information about FB Laser services, we offer please get in contact by giving us a call on 01278 784 004 or sending us an email to [email protected]